Purchase guide

  1. Possible to purchase goods cheaper than they are?

    1.1.Since the products are manufactured as per customer’s requirements, it is possible to purchase a certain item cheaper by changes in structure or changing in raw material of it.

    1.2.Purchasing high quantities can also be the other alternative to purchase something in a lower price; since manufacturing in high quantities can reduce the costs, it could be cheaper.

  2. Do you have After-Sales Service?

    Yes, all the products of RadTeb Co. include after-sales service. However, in periodical visits our experts will have from purchased products, services will be free in warranty time; and thereafter it will be done by charging the cost as well.

  3. Can you deliver our order in a certain time interval?

    Yes, due to the fact that this company has been consisted of specialized working groups, and implementing projects affairs are done separately by the teams’ experts from the primary consultation phase to setting up and installation, we have experienced it to provide six simultaneous installation hospital projects in a limited time and all can be delivered in a certain time.

  4. How is the purchasing process from RadTeb Co.?

    It’s so convenient considering below:

    Connecting the assigned expert

    Applying your request and ask for a proforma invoice

    Proforoma invoice confirmation

    Delivering the goods, installation and finalization

    Receiving commercial invoice and payment settlement

  5. Possible to buy online from Radteb Co.?

    Yes; for our Website has obtained the National Digital Media Registration and e-reliability, customers can do the online buying from the website and pay online by one of the informed bank port links and also receiving the track number.


  6. In which parts of country RadTeb Co. can reply our requirements?

    We have three main offices in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz by responding customers’ needs in northern parts, central parts, and southern parts respectively; and our experts in any offices can reply you a.s.a.p.

  7. Possible to obtain RadTeb Co. representative?

    Call on to our head office to the Agency’s Affairs

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